We are starting to get a lot of questions from clients about how the new healthcare and health insurance reform act (formally known as the Affordable Care Act) will affect them and their businesses. As you might guess, the response depends on whether the client is an individual or a business, how much money the client makes, pre-existing conditions, number of employees, etc.

In short, it’s much too complicated to cover in a blog entry. So, instead, we are suggesting that clients first explore the Department of Health and Human Services website that explains the details of the new law and how it will affect you and when. The site is very useful and chock full of information, but the quickest way to view the new law’s effects is the timeline provided on the site. By scrolling through the timeline, one can see what provisions will be implemented and when, and then obtain more details on how they work.

If you have questions about the new law and how it will affect you, we recommend that you check out this site for some education before you call us or your financial advisers for information.