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Legal Templates

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If you’ve ever worked with a homeowner who was not necessarily ready to sign over the deed, this form can come in handy. If you don’t get the deed signed at the initial meeting, you are opening yourself up to potential problems. But if you and the homeowner are on the same page about your expectations, not having a deed doesn’t necessarily mean no deal….

And that’s where the Memorandum of Agreement comes in. If you don’t get a deed signed, the Memorandum of Agreement can act as a sort of generic version of recording the deed. It doesn’t give you ownership rights by any means, but it puts a cloud on the title just enough to where the homeowner can’t sell the property without your permission.

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Payoff Estoppel Request Template

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This document outlines the Florida law related to engaging in Foreclosure-related rescue transactions. It defines what that means, when it applies, and provides what is required before executing a contract for such transactions.

Explainers & Brochures

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We are often called upon to prepare deeds to convey property from one party to another. We discover that the client has rarely considered the consequences of the deed or the type of deed they desire. To address those considerations, Mr. Seagle published this article in the local CFRI newsletter to inform readers.

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Seller Listing Appointment Checklist 

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This is a manuscript article that Mr. Seagle wrote for a seminar for Florida title insurance agents.

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Self-Directed IRA Prohibited Transactions

Investors using the Self-Directed IRA, must be aware of the prohibited transaction rules before making investments. This ensures that you and your retirement plan remain IRS compliant. If you fail to follow the rules, it can lead steep penalties and the disqualification of the retirement account.

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With over 20 years of experience in practicing real estate and business law, Joseph E. Seagle understands the needs of his investor clients and their entrepreneurial drive to control their investments. Learn more about how to set up your own Self-Directed IRA LLC with this guide. 

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The "Belt & Suspenders Method" of Protecting your Private Mortgage Investments

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