Joseph E. Seagle, P.A. co-sponsored the Central Florida Realty Investors Association’s panel discussion of the Florida Foreclosure Rescue consumer protection laws on June 12 in Lake Mary.

Central Florida Realty Investors Association, an association of over 1,200 real estate investors, hosted a panel discussion on June 12 at its education center in Lake Mary. The program was sponsored by the law firms of Joseph E. Seagle and Robert M. Lerner.

Over 100 real estate investors, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers, and other attorneys were present for the presentation where attorneys from the Florida Attorney General’s office, Office of Financial Regulation and Real Estate Commission spoke about how the new Florida Foreclosure Rescue Transactions and Services Act applies to the attendees’ respective models of business.

After each representative attorney for each office spoke, the floor was opened for questions. Many questions centered around non-lawyers’ providing homeowners loan modification advice and assistance, the charging of advance fees for foreclosure-related services, and the application of the new law to “subject-to” transactions. The attorneys on the panel answered the questions presented and made themselves available after the closing of the discussion for further one-on-one questions.

Attorney Joseph Seagle said he was honored to be part of such a frank and open exchange of ideas and best practices related to provision of foreclosure-related services and transactions. He said, “I’m glad that there are organizations such as CFRI that are devoted to providing such educational events to help ensure real estate investors are kept abreast of the latest laws applicable to them.”